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Mileage Reports – How did your trip miles add up?

Congratulations on surviving tax day! I know for many of you it was a harrowing experience as it is every year. For you few over-achievers out there who filed your tax returns in February…well, live it up, ’cause the rest of us sweat enough bullets for everyone!


However, the mileage reports were nice and easy once again thanks to MileBug. So how did everyone do? Nice big mileage deductions? Personally, I used MileBug to track miles of more than a couple thousand between my two businesses for 2012, which at 55.5 cents/mile produced a sizable mileage tax deduction! It’s amazing how the trip miles add up. And I had some nice reports that I simply emailed to my accountant.

If you missed out for 2012, you can track miles for 2013 with MileBug for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones. Then next year you can see how your trip miles helped with a cool tax deduction!

About the product: MileBug is a mileage log and expense tracker. It was created by Izatt International. Its purpose is to allow users a friendly interface to see and record their tax-deductible miles at the current going rates (for business, medical, and charity miles). The app can easily generate reports for emailing in compatible HTML and CSV formats. Track miles from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with the iOS app, or download the app for Windows Phone or Android. MileBug is quickly becoming the preferred app of its kind.

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