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Android MileBug 2.9.12 Now in Google Play!

Android MileBug 2.9.12 just released for the New Year 2018!

Get it here – milebug_rounded_corners_114x114


In addition to the 2018 IRS Mileage Rates, this release brings the following:

1) Ability to Delete a Date Range of Trips
2) Support for Android Oreo
3) Support for multiple years’ rates (keep trips with the 2017 rate while tracking new trips with 2018 rates)
4) plus bug fixes!

This release of Android MileBug should fix the issues some Oreo users have been having with sending reports and backup files. Plus, expenses are now included the total deduction in the trip record displayed on the Trips List screen.

The intent of this release was to bring it up to greater feature parity with the iOS version. A couple more things are needed to achieve that fully, but look for those in the next couple months.

Look for the new iOS MileBug release shortly!

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