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GPS Tracking comes to MileBug 2.0 – Android Mileage Log

It’s here! It’s here! MileBug, the best Android mileage app, now has GPS Tracking and Map Display, with cool little colored pins and everything. When adding a trip with this mileage log, simply choose GPS Tracking to bring on the Map View. Start Tracking kicks things off and you’ll see a green pin at the start point, a yellow pin every 1/10 mile, and when you hit Stop Tracking, a red pin shows up at the end of your trip. Your end odometer reading is automatically calculated for you!

Your Android mileage app can:

1) Stay on the Map View and watch your trip being tracked
2) Open another app, and MileBug continues tracking your trip in the background!
3) Save the trip and see it in red (indicating incomplete) while your trip continues to be tracked

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About the product: Designed by Izatt International, MileBug is quickly becoming the best in its class and most preferred by users. The program is available as an Android mileage app; iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch app; and Windows Phone app. Users experience a friendly interface where they can record their miles for tax-deductible purposes at the standing rates for business, medical, and charity miles. Reports can be exported and emailed for convenience directly from the app. If you don’t yet have the Android mileage app, start getting your tax-deductible miles today!

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