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Always on the Road? Reasons to Get an iPhone Mileage Tracker

Some of us may feel we spend most of our time commuting in our vehicles. We travel to and fro from home and work, tote the kids around and run general errands. But have you ever stopped to think about how much mileage you are actually putting on your car? Back in the day you had to use the odometer to figure this out (the little rectangle with numbers that turn with every passing mile found on the dashboard of your vehicle) and your math skills. Today, we have an app for that. Check out why you should have an iPhone Mileage Tracker helping you today.

Business Travel

If you have to travel for business, the iPhone Mileage Tracker is a must-have. These handy apps will help you keep track of not only your mileage, but also where you traveled to, the reason for the trip and even frequent trips you may have to make. Some iPhone Mileage Trackers even come with a preset amount per-mile and a place to add in toll and parking expenses. This makes it a lot easier when it comes to billing your company for out-of-pocket monies and also providing them with a detailed report.

Charity Work

It’s nice to help out folks in need, but it’s also nice to get a tax break on these charitable donations. If you use your car for doing charity work, then having an iPhone Mileage Tracker will come in handy when it comes to tax time. These apps are designed to help you organize the money spent so you can be confident and sure of your numbers when filling out the tax returns. Uncle Sam will not take your word for it, so have the necessary backup you need to ensure you get back all you are entitled to.

Medical Travel

Unfortunately, sickness is a part of life. If you or someone in your family suffers from a major medical condition that requires frequent trips to the hospital or a treatment facility, the iPhone Mileage Tracker will be there to keep a tab on all of it. This not only includes the actual distance travelled, but also parking fees.

Vehicle Gas Efficiency

With the price of gas climbing, the running efficiency of vehicles has become more and more of a concern for a lot of people. Certain makes and models are toted for getting huge miles-per-gallon, but are those numbers realistic with a “normal” family, with normal driving habits? An iPhone Mileage Tracker can help you determine if your car is running at its maximum fuel efficiency. By letting this app “crunch” the numbers you will be privy to reduced fuel-efficiency and may just catch the reason why your vehicle is not running up to par, before it becomes a major problem.

The iPhone is not only a remarkable piece of technology, but an iPhone Mileage Tracker is one of the perks that can keep you organized. Don’t guess at the numbers when this app is there to keep track of your travelling expenses, charitable work and the fuel-efficiency of your vehicle.

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