Smartphone mile tracker and trip log for iOS and Android Phones

Online Mileage Tracker vs. Other Methods

If you use your vehicle for business purposes, than you need to be able to track your mileage effectively so you don’t make a mistake when it comes to tax time. Tracking mileage has tended to be a big hassle. Clearly, no one wants a hassle when they are trying to claim mileage in order to get reimbursed by their employers.

The Old Fashioned Way

Many years ago, people would just keep a notepad in their car and write down where they were going and then tracked the miles they used by hand. The problem with that method was that people simply forgot to do it. Even if you were lucky enough to remember to track the mileage and date before you started your trip, chances are by the time you reached your destination you would then forget to write anything down before you headed back home.

The good news is that online mileage trackers do everything for you. They track the mileage used and keep proper records so that you don’t need to do so. When it comes time to fill out your reimbursement forms or tax returns, you will have all your info readily available.

So What Do You Need in a Mileage Tracker?

Online mileage trackers are exactly what you want to have by your side. Now it’s just time to make an informed decision.

You need effortless ways of keeping track of your mileage. Whether you are keeping track of mileage for business, medical or charity purposes, you want to make sure they are accurate so that you can get the best tax deduction possible.

Why make your workload even more of a chore than it already is? Don’t reach for the paper and pen; instead use an online mileage tracker. You will never need to worry again that you have lost mileage records.

It’s The New Age Of Tracking Mileage

Pen and paper tracking has now become obsolete, but due to smartphones and online tracking apps, you can now easily track all of your miles.

Online mileage trackers are designed to take the work out of tracking mileage in order to get reimbursements or deductions. They use your phone’s GPS to track your trips accurately and allow you to backup the data just in case something happens to your phone.

You can generate reports in most any format and import that data into either Excel or Numbers. From that point, they can be sent to employers and accountants.

An online mileage tracker should have the following features:

  • Easy to use
  • Accurately
  • Generate easy to understand and use reports
  • Use smartphone GPS
  • Logs miles for tax time
  • Has data backup

Online mileage trackers are designed to be easy to use and as flexible as possible. Regardless of why you need a tracker, you will be sure to find them invaluable. They can track every mile you drive. You will never again have to worry about keeping complete records because it will already be done for you! Now that’s a great reason to look forward to tax season.

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