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MileBug and MileBug LITE 3.1 released with MileBug Cloud


MileBug 3.1 and MileBug LITE 3.1 (both iOS) are now available in the App Store! This release of MileBug includes many stability fixes for theMileBug Cloud backup service (99c In-App Purchase) as well as some requested UI changes, such as the color of the navigation links at the top.

MileBug in App Store:



MileBug LITE is getting its first update in over a year, bringing it up to full feature parity with MileBug, only with the same 10 trip restriction. Which means MileBug LITE now has the MileBug Cloud! So moving data from the LITE version to the full version just got many times easier! Simply sign up for MileBug Cloud on the Backup tab of the LITE version, then login to MileBug Cloud on the full version with the same credentials. Voila! Only pay the 99c once (on the LITE) and your data moves through the cloud to the full version and away you go.

MileBug LITE in App Store:



  1. Good day

    I have the Milebug on my Samsung Qalaxy, I want to know if the milebug is busy what will happen if i received a call? will the milebug stop or go on?

    • MileBug GPS continues to operate in the background. You’re welcome to use any other apps while you’re tracking a trip.

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