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Reports vs. Backups

Some people have written in about not being able to open the .mbdata backup file on their computer, so I thought to clarify the difference between Reports and Backups. This pertains to MileBug’s mileage app for iPhone.

Under the Backup tab in MileBug, you can create a backup file of all your data. It stays on your phone until you email it to yourself or pull it off using iTunes File Sharing. There is a help guide to iTunes File Sharing at the bottom of the Backup tab. Just click “What is iTunes File Sharing?”. The .mbdata file generated by the backup process is readable only by MileBug and is intended to be used to restore your data if you have problems with your iPhone or get a new iPhone.

Under the Reports tab, you can generate a human-readable report in either HTML or CSV (Excel or Numbers) format. You may choose the date range, the business(es), the vehicle(s), and the sort criteria. You can preview the report right in MileBug, too! Then hit Send, and the iPhone Email Composer will appear with your report as an attachment. After entering your email address, hit Send on the email composer and your report will arrive in your Inbox shortly.

Happy Taxes Everyone!

About the product: MileBug is a product of Izatt International. It was developed to be the easiest way to track your tax-deductible miles. If you’re not recording the business, medical, and charity miles you drive, you should! And if you are – why not try something easier? MileBug lets you record your miles as you drive them. It is available as a mileage app for iPhone (and iPad & iPod Touch), Android, and Windows Phone. Reports can be easily generated and exported via email into HTML and CSV formats. There’s really no downside to it: download MileBug, and enjoy your hassle-free tax-deductibles.

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