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White Icon Recommended Solution

For those of you who suddenly have a white icon for MileBug on your iOS device, here is our recommend solution. I wish it were simpler, but it’s really not that bad and the whole process is outlined here. We still don’t have a complete understanding as to why this happened, nor why it only happened to some and not all.

Essentially, you need to backup, uninstall, reinstall, restore from backup. This means the backup inside MileBug, NOT an iTunes backup. Just as an extra safety precaution, you may want to generate a report of all your trips and send that to yourself. Before you begin, make sure you understand “Reports vs. Backups“. So here we go:

Note to Lite Users: MileBug Lite does not support restore from backup. In this case you may choose to continue forward with the white icon, reinstall Lite and lose your data, or upgrade to the full version (see “Transfer Data from Lite to Full“).

  1. Backup
    1. Open MileBug and select the Backup tab at the bottom
    2. Tap the “Back up and Email” button
    3. Email the backup file to yourself.
  2. Uninstall
    1. Tap and hold MileBug icon until icons start “wiggling”.
    2. Tap the X that appeared in the upper-left corner of the MileBug icon.
    3. Confirm Delete
    4. Press Home button to stop “wiggling”
  3. Reinstall
    1. Open App Store on device
    2. Search for MileBug
    3. Tap “Install”
    4. Apple tracks your purchases so you won’t have to repurchase.
  4. Restore from Backup
    1. Use iTunes File Sharing to put your backup file into MileBug
      (see screenshot below)
    2. Launch MileBug on your iPhone/iPad/iTouch.
    3. Open Backup Tab and Select “Restore From Backup”
    4. Choose the backup file in the picker (probably only one there)
    5. Tap “Restore Data”


  1. This worked for me. Thanks!

  2. worked perfectly. Thanks

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