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MileBug for iPad has arrived!

When asked what new features everybody wanted, a version for iPad very often was the response. Well that day has now come! As of last night, MileBug is now a Universal App, which means the UI is optimized for both iPhone/iTouch and for iPad! Buy it once […]

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Medical Mileage Deduction: What is it and what does the IRS allow?

Here’s the excerpt direct from the IRS website regarding the medical mileage deduction ( Transportation You can include in medical expenses amounts paid for transportation primarily for, and essential to, medical care. You can include: Bus, taxi, train, or plane fares or ambulance service, Transportation expenses of […]

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Using Favorite/Frequent Trips

We often go to the same places with the same purpose, and so it makes sense to capture these for quick reuse later. That way we don’t have to enter all the information over and over again each time we make one of the frequent or favorite […]

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Save the trip to have GPS continue tracking

A few users have written in concerned about the GPS stopping in the middle of tracking a trip. Turns out they hadn’t saved the trip before driving away. We’re working on devising a more intuitive UI, but wanted to help users understand the intended way to use […]

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GPS Mileage Tracking with MileBug 2.1 – Published on 10/04/11

iPhone, Nexus One and Android Mileage Tracker | MileBug | iPod Touch Mileage and Expense Tracker American Fork, Utah – The popular iPhone mileage log application, MileBug, has full path tracking with map display with the latest version 2.1. When adding a new trip, select “GPS Tracking” […]

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MileBug 1.5.4 corrects bugs in 1.5.3

A new release of MileBug for iPhone is now available in the App Store! This release, 1.5.4, corrects the issue with setting the time when adding a trip and adds overall greater stability. This is a free update, as all updates are. Simply open the App Store, […]

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