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New Update: MileBug 2.9.6 for Android now supports Marshmallow (Android 6)

NEW ANDROID UPDATE! MileBug 2.9.6 for Android is now available in Google Play and guess what? It supports Android 6 (MARSHMALLOW)! The main bug this fixes is no more jumping to the Presets tab when you’re trying to enter Odometer readings. That’s been a real pain. Sorry […]

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New Android MileBug 2.9 Available in Google Play

Yes, it is true! A new release of MileBug for Android (version 2.9) is now available in Google Play. In this version: 1) 2015 IRS Mileage Rates 2) Odometer Readings – Enter 2 Calc 3rd 3) New End Date/Time field 4) Compliance with Google Maps attribution

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GPS Tracking comes to MileBug 2.0 – Android Mileage Log

It’s here! It’s here! MileBug, the best Android mileage app, now has GPS Tracking and Map Display, with cool little colored pins and everything. When adding a trip with this mileage log, simply choose GPS Tracking to bring on the Map View. Start Tracking kicks things off […]

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Users tell the world about MileBug

It’s always great to see people getting great use out of MileBug! With your help, MileBug is becoming the best iPhone and Android mileage app. Thank you everyone. I thought I would share some of those that are posting their reviews: 1) Advanced IT Solutions — […]

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Start the New Year right by tracking your trips!

Welcome to 2012! Even though it’s potentially a few months before you start putting together your taxes for 2011, right now is the time to start your 2012 taxes the right way by tracking ALL your business miles, charity miles, and medical miles. Whether you need an […]

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MileBug now on Android!

We’re very pleased to announce that MileBug is now available on Android! Help us make it the best Android mileage app around. It’s been a long process, especially since we tackled Nokia/Symbian at the same time (announcement on that coming soon, too). But we made it! Simply […]

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