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MileBug Cloud comes to MileBug 3.0 for iOS

Izatt Apps announces the 3.0 release of it’s flagship app, MileBug – Mileage Log, which introduces the much requested feature of cloud support. MileBug Cloud is not iCloud, but a cloud solution that will allow iOS, Android, and Windows phones to share and sync data. While […]

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White Icon Recommended Solution

For those of you who suddenly have a white icon for MileBug on your iOS device, here is our recommend solution. I wish it were simpler, but it’s really not that bad and the whole process is outlined here. We still don’t have a complete understanding as […]

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How to Remove MileBug Backups from your iPhone

An iPhone MileBug user wrote in asking if there was a way to remove old backup files from his iPhone. There certainly is, and such, I thought there may be others out there wondering the same questions. WARNING: For either answer, DO NOT DELETE “appData.mbdata” Short Answer:  via […]

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Transfer Data from Lite to Full

Thanks for upgrading! You’re really going to enjoy the GPS tracking.  So let’s get your data moved over from Lite so you’re good to go. The short answer is that there’s a tutorial inside MileBug on the Backup tab at the bottom. Just click “What is iTunes […]

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How to Restore MileBug data from iTunes

An alert customer sent this in and another customer has already found it to be successful. I have not verified it myself, so I would appreciate feedback and additional guidance to other readers as you use this approach. For MAC: 1) Just go to the directory, /Users/[username]/Library/Application […]

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