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MileBug and MileBug LITE 3.1 released with MileBug Cloud

MileBug 3.1 and MileBug LITE 3.1 (both iOS) are now available in the App Store! This release of MileBug includes many stability fixes for theMileBug Cloud backup service (99c In-App Purchase) as well as some requested UI changes, such as the color of the navigation links at […]

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“Add/Edit Business” Bug with iOS 7 – New Update Coming Shortly

To all our faithful and wonderful customers, and to our future wonderful customers, please be aware that there is a bug in MileBug for iOS 7. When adding a new business, or editing the name of an existing business, the app will crash. It has been identified, […]

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Odometer Fix submitted to Apple

Thank you all for making us aware of the odometer bug when upgrading to iOS 4.2.1. We have fixed the problem and submitted an update for Apple’s review. This new release was submitted on Tuesday, November 23rd, and we anticipate it being available via the App Store […]

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MileBug 1.5.4 corrects bugs in 1.5.3

A new release of MileBug for iPhone is now available in the App Store! This release, 1.5.4, corrects the issue with setting the time when adding a trip and adds overall greater stability. This is a free update, as all updates are. Simply open the App Store, […]

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