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Cloud Service shutdown Oct. 31, 2017

Earlier this month, all MileBug iOS users were sent a notification regarding the pending shutdown of MileBug Cloud on October 31, 2017. This is due to ongoing issues, including data duplication and data loss.¬†Only the cloud storage will be shutdown. The MileBug app will continue to function […]

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MileBug Cloud comes to MileBug 3.0 for iOS

Izatt Apps announces the 3.0 release of it’s flagship app, MileBug – Mileage Log, which introduces the much requested feature of cloud support. MileBug Cloud is not iCloud, but a cloud solution that will allow iOS, Android, and Windows phones to share and sync data. While […]

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White Icon Recommended Solution

For those of you who suddenly have a white icon for MileBug on your iOS device, here is our recommend solution. I wish it were simpler, but it’s really not that bad and the whole process is outlined here. We still don’t have a complete understanding as […]

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MileBug 1.5.3 for iPhone Now in App Store!

Dear MileBug Users and Fans! I’m pleased to announce the arrival of MileBug 1.5.3 to the iPhone. This release brings:1) iOS4 support a) fast app switchingb) cleans up the bugs with managing Presets 2) Adds decimal point to the number pad We’ve been working hard on an […]

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Syncing Mileage Data: Apple’s Restrictions

iTouch Users from all over have had trouble with many different applications freezing up and having to be reinstalled. Apple has now (hopefully) addressed this with the new upgrade to the iPhoneOS (2.1), for both iPhone and iPod Touch. However, prior to this, many people have lost […]

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