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More Feature Requests – Need More!

OK, so we’ve heard from some of you. Let’s hear more. As it stands, the list of desired new features is as follows, sorted by most requested: 1) Select from Contacts when add new trip2) End date/time3) iPad Version4) Multiple destinations per trip5) Add person’s name to […]

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Editing Destinations and Purposes

It seems there’s some confusion on how to edit, delete, and reorder destinations and purposes. So here’s another blog post to help you out. Simply select Businesses in the Presets. Then select the business that has the destinations and purposes you want to edit. You’ll then be […]

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Welcome to the MileBug Blog!

We’re really excited to be sharing MileBug with you now via the App Store! What a great way to expand the iPhone and the iPod Touch with so many quality apps (and some not so quality). And now we are a part of it! Thank you all […]

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