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GPS Tracking comes to MileBug 2.0 – Android Mileage Log

It’s here! It’s here! MileBug, the best Android mileage app, now has GPS Tracking and Map Display, with cool little colored pins and everything. When adding a trip with this mileage log, simply choose GPS Tracking to bring on the Map View. Start Tracking kicks things off […]

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MileBug for iPad has arrived!

When asked what new features everybody wanted, a version for iPad very often was the response. Well that day has now come! As of last night, MileBug is now a Universal App, which means the UI is optimized for both iPhone/iTouch and for iPad! Buy it once […]

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iPhone GPS: Why NOT use it for mileage tracking?

When we first designed MileBug, our intent was to use the new GPS feature of the iPhone 3G to track mileage. It would require less effort and provide more accuracy in case of IRS audit. Unfortunately the iPhone will not allow 3rd party apps, like MileBug, to […]

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