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Reports Won’t Email – Try This!

Some customers have been reporting that the iOS version doesn’t email the reports. It’s turned out to be a problem with the phone rather than the app. Here’s a simple test. Try emailing yourself a photo from your Photos app. This will test whether your phone is […]

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Transfer Data from Lite to Full

Thanks for upgrading! You’re really going to enjoy the GPS tracking.  So let’s get your data moved over from Lite so you’re good to go. The short answer is that there’s a tutorial inside MileBug on the Backup tab at the bottom. Just click “What is iTunes […]

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Quick HOW-TO for MileBug Beginners

Here’s a repost of a blog entry from last January that I thought might be helpful again:——————— First understand that the general idea is that you open MileBug right when you get in the car to go somewhere. You add a trip, enter the data including the […]

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