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Transfer Data from Lite to Full

Thanks for upgrading! You’re really going to enjoy the GPS tracking.  So let’s get your data moved over from Lite so you’re good to go. The short answer is that there’s a tutorial inside MileBug on the Backup tab at the bottom. Just click “What is iTunes […]

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Introducing MatchTunes – Izatt’s newest app!

Tap into your own iTunes library with MatchTunes! It’s a matching game like no other…where you match music clips from the songs right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Everyone has a different iTunes library…so everyone plays a different game! Choose 4 different ways to play. Match […]

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Syncing Mileage Data: Apple’s Restrictions

iTouch Users from all over have had trouble with many different applications freezing up and having to be reinstalled. Apple has now (hopefully) addressed this with the new upgrade to the iPhoneOS (2.1), for both iPhone and iPod Touch. However, prior to this, many people have lost […]

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