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GPS Tracking comes to MileBug 2.0 – Android Mileage Log

It’s here! It’s here! MileBug, the best Android mileage app, now has GPS Tracking and Map Display, with cool little colored pins and everything. When adding a trip with this mileage log, simply choose GPS Tracking to bring on the Map View. Start Tracking kicks things off […]

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GPS Mileage Tracking with MileBug 2.1 – Published on 10/04/11

iPhone, Nexus One and Android Mileage Tracker | MileBug | iPod Touch Mileage and Expense Tracker American Fork, Utah – The popular iPhone mileage log application, MileBug, has full path tracking with map display with the latest version 2.1. When adding a new trip, select “GPS Tracking” […]

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