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New Android Update for Oreo users — Fixes Reports & Backups

Android MileBug 2.9.13 just released for Oreo Users! Get it here –  This release of Android MileBug should fix the issues some Oreo users have been having with sending reports and backup files. In addition to the 2018 IRS Mileage Rates, this release also has: 1) Ability to […]

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New Update: MileBug 2.9.6 for Android now supports Marshmallow (Android 6)

NEW ANDROID UPDATE! MileBug 2.9.6 for Android is now available in Google Play and guess what? It supports Android 6 (MARSHMALLOW)! The main bug this fixes is no more jumping to the Presets tab when you’re trying to enter Odometer readings. That’s been a real pain. Sorry […]

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New Android MileBug 2.9 Available in Google Play

Yes, it is true! A new release of MileBug for Android (version 2.9) is now available in Google Play. In this version: 1) 2015 IRS Mileage Rates 2) Odometer Readings – Enter 2 Calc 3rd 3) New End Date/Time field 4) Compliance with Google Maps attribution

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MileBug for Android now in AMAZON App Store, too!

MileBug’s mileage app for Android is now available in the Amazon App Store! So all you people with the Amazon Store on your phones and not Google Play, check out MileBug at the link below: MileBug in Amazon App Store If you don’t have the Amazon App […]

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MileBug for Android breaks into Finance Top 20

Is MileBug the best mileage app for Android? Well, if you take a look in the Android Market at the Top Paid apps in the Finance category, you’ll see something that’s been very familiar in the iOS Top 20 Finance – MileBug! Sitting pretty at #19. So […]

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