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Android MileBug 2.9.12 Now in Google Play!

Android MileBug 2.9.12 just released for the New Year 2018! Get it here –  In addition to the 2018 IRS Mileage Rates, this release brings the following: 1) Ability to Delete a Date Range of Trips 2) Support for Android Oreo 3) Support for multiple years’ rates (keep […]

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New Update: MileBug 2.9.6 for Android now supports Marshmallow (Android 6)

NEW ANDROID UPDATE! MileBug 2.9.6 for Android is now available in Google Play and guess what? It supports Android 6 (MARSHMALLOW)! The main bug this fixes is no more jumping to the Presets tab when you’re trying to enter Odometer readings. That’s been a real pain. Sorry […]

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New Demo Video – Android MileBug!

Thanks to the good folks at the Daily App Show, we have a new demo video for the Android version of MileBug! Check it out!

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New Demo Video – iOS MileBug!

Thanks to the good folks at the Daily App Show, we have a new demo video for the iOS version of MileBug! Check it out!

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Izatt Apps: Quality finance mobile apps

People in the American Fork, Utah area are finding quality finance mobile apps with MileBug for all major mobile platforms. At MileBug our main goal is to give small business owners the ability to more easily capture their tax-deductible mileage. We want all of our customers to be […]

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Bloomberg Businessweek recommends MileBug as 1 of 4 Tax Records Services

MileBug is quickly becoming the mileage tracker of choice! Right on tax day, 15 April 2013, Businessweek journalist, Anick Jesdanun, wrote an article entitled, “Review: 4 services to keep tax records organized” and among such notables as Mint, Expensify, and IDonatedIt, he included MileBug Mileage Log. Just […]

Read more featuring MileBug on Home Page

So very cool! MileBug mileage tracker app started the day in the first slot on the home page of It’s now in the fourth slot as more apps are added. Apparently MileBug will stay on the home page for about a day given the rate of […]

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GPS Tracking comes to MileBug 2.0 – Android Mileage Log

It’s here! It’s here! MileBug, the best Android mileage app, now has GPS Tracking and Map Display, with cool little colored pins and everything. When adding a trip with this mileage log, simply choose GPS Tracking to bring on the Map View. Start Tracking kicks things off […]

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Did you get your share of the $1.8 BILLION in mileage tax deductions?

Reader’s Digest reports that over 3.6 Billion miles were put on realtor’s cars in 2011 while driving clients around. That means those real estate agents were able to claim (if they had documented them) over $1.8 BILLION in mileage tax deductions! If only they all had MileBug’s […]

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MileBug 2.6 for iPhone includes new IRS 2013 Mileage Rates

The latest update to MileBug for iPhone, version 2.6, includes the new 2013 rates from the IRS for mileage reimbursement or tax deduction. The update is free and no action is required on the part of the user to put the new rates into action once the […]

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