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Reports vs. Backups

Some people have written in about not being able to open the .mbdata backup file on their computer, so I thought to clarify the difference between Reports and Backups. This pertains to MileBug’s mileage app for iPhone. BackupsUnder the Backup tab in MileBug, you can create a […]

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Odometer Fix submitted to Apple

Thank you all for making us aware of the odometer bug when upgrading to iOS 4.2.1. We have fixed the problem and submitted an update for Apple’s review. This new release was submitted on Tuesday, November 23rd, and we anticipate it being available via the App Store […]

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Reports: Copy/Paste for Mac users best with Office 2004 or newer

Working with a customer, we determined that copying and pasting the emailed reports will work properly if the user either has Windows Office 2000 or newer, or Mac Office 2004 or newer. Older versions result in all the data in one column in Excel or a running […]

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Reports: Date sorted…or Business/Vehicle sorted?

A couple users have inquired about why the emailed report is not sorted by date. However, upon closer examination, you’ll see it is sorted by date…but within each business/vehicle. When we were designing the report, we had to choose between listing all the trips by date, regardless […]

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Syncing Mileage Data: Apple’s Restrictions

iTouch Users from all over have had trouble with many different applications freezing up and having to be reinstalled. Apple has now (hopefully) addressed this with the new upgrade to the iPhoneOS (2.1), for both iPhone and iPod Touch. However, prior to this, many people have lost […]

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MileBug Reports: HOW and WHAT

There have been a couple of inquiries regarding the reports feature of MileBug, so I thought I would describe the HOW as well as provide an example of WHAT it produces. First, to access the reports, simply click the Reports tab at the bottom of the application. […]

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