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Hiccup with MileBug Cloud SOLUTION

If you have signed up for the new MileBug Cloud and appear to have lost data, most likely you haven’t. It’s a bug in the data display. Here’s how to fix it: Stop MileBug from running in the background: Double press the Home button Swipe up on […]

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Solution to Broken Odometer screen in 3.0 for iOS

Solution to Broken Odometer screen in 3.0 for iOS: My apologies. We use the Number Pad for data entry so much, we overlooked the odometer scroll wheel in our testing. If you will go to the Presets tab, select Settings, then Trip Settings, you can choose Number […]

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Odometer Fix submitted to Apple

Thank you all for making us aware of the odometer bug when upgrading to iOS 4.2.1. We have fixed the problem and submitted an update for Apple’s review. This new release was submitted on Tuesday, November 23rd, and we anticipate it being available via the App Store […]

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