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TWO Different Issues w/ MileBug Cloud – One Old, One New

Please be aware there are TWO different issues with MileBug Cloud for iOS users. One has been ongoing for several months (see previous blog posts) and one is new as of the past week.

Issue #1

For reasons still undetermined, syncing with MileBug Cloud for some users could result in either duplicated or lost data. After examination and evaluation, it was determined that the cloud needed to be completely replaced rather than repaired. That effort is ongoing. In the meantime, we have sent out several push notifications directly to the MileBug app, posted to the blog, and to the Facebook page, asking all users to logout of MileBug Cloud and remain logged out until the new cloud system could be put into place.

To logout of MileBug Cloud:

  1. Go to the Backup Tab inside the MileBug App
  2. Select “Access MileBug Cloud”
  3. Tap “Logout” button

If you have not received or seen any of the notices, please do the following:

  1. Turn on Push Notifications for MileBug
  2. LIKE the MileBug Facebook Page
  3. Follow the MileBug Blog

Unfortunately, there have been various setbacks in the development of the new cloud as well, including deaths in the families of two of our team members. As such we do not have a scheduled rollout date of the new cloud as of yet, but are still hopeful it can occur sometime in July. Our most sincere apologies for the extended delays and inconveniences.

Issue #2

Sometime around the 18th, users have been unable to connect to MileBug Cloud at all, even spinning on delay for up to 30 seconds or more before being able to proceed with normal data entry. Some have reported being told they don’t have Internet Access. Others are seeing this without even being logged-in to the cloud. We are aware of the issue and are hoping to have the old cloud at least up and running again soon to mitigate these issues. Our most sincere apologies. Please be patient and hopefully this will only be another day or two at most.

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