Smartphone mile tracker and trip log for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Where can I find a Quick Started Guide or Help Manual?

Please see the blog entry, “Quick HOW-TO for MileBug Beginners

2) How do I transfer data from Lite to Full?

Please see the blog entry, “Transfer Data from Lite to Full

3) How do I restore my data from a backup file (.mbdata)?

Please see the second half of the blog entry, “Transfer Data from Lite to Full“. The process is the same.

4) How is a backup different than a report?

A backup file (.mbdata) generated from the Backup tab is only readable by MileBug and is intended to provide a way to restore your data should your device get lost, broken, or have other problems.

A report is generated from the Report tab and provides a human-readable report of your trips that can used for tax or reimbursement purposes. Reports can be generated in either HTML or CSV (spreadsheet) formats.

5) How do I edit Businesses, Destinations, Vehicles and Purposes?

Select the “Presets” tab and choose the category of items you wish to change. Destinations are business-specific, so first choose the Business, then you will be able to edit the destinations for that business. Please see the blog entry, Editing Destinations and Purposes“.