Smartphone mile tracker and trip log for iOS and Android Phones


Track your trips and expenses with MileBug!

2014 Tax Deduction Rates are Awesome!

For 2014 the IRS Tax deduction rate is 56 cents per mile! Save some paper and calculating headaches and download MileBug, the easy to use, electronic Mileage Log that exports beautifully for ease of use come tax time.


Awesome Features

  • Track your full path with GPS and map display!
  • Use the Mileage Tracker for multiple businesses and multiple vehicles with a simple choice
  • Setup frequent destinations and purposes for easy use later
  • Choose either kilometers or miles
  • Define custom rates for business, charity, medical and other
  • Watch your deductions add up with each addition to your trip log
  • Email HTML and Excel-friendly reports to your home computer
MileBug does all of this and more! MileBug mileage tracker for iPhone/iPod Touch, Android OS, or WP8 makes it easy to keep records for those who are always on the go, or who just want a central, simple place to keep track of their trip miles and expenses.