Smartphone mile tracker and trip log for iOS and Android Phones

Important iPhone Mileage App Features

Important Features of an iPhone Mileage App

Why would you want a mileage app for your iPhone or smartphone? You use your smartphone for lots of things, but maybe you never considered using your smartphone for tracking your mileage. The facts are that if you aren’t yet tracking your mileage, you could be tossing money out the window. Why? In 2014, the IRS tax deduction rate for mileage is 56 cents per mile. Now, if you are driving a lot, 56 cents could add up rather quickly.

What Kinds of Features Should You Look For?

Want to take the mystery out of your business miles? If so then you need an good iPhone mileage app. This kind of convenient app will make tracking your miles a breeze. Part of making it a breeze is being able to easily access your mileage information when you need.

When you are selecting a mileage app for your smartphone, you’ll want one that lets you electronically track your mileage and compile that mileage into a mileage log. In this way, when tax time comes, you’ll know exactly how many miles you’ve traveled and that makes for some pretty simple math.

A great iPhone mileage app should allow you to track your full path with GPS and map display. With GPS tracking, you’ll be able to use your iPhone to track all of your business miles and see those miles clearly displayed in an easy to understand graphical fashion. If you are unable to decipher the results of your mileage tracking, it won’t actually help you make sense of your travels.

The Ability to Email Detailed Reports

When you are selecting an iPhone mileage app, look for one that gives you the flexibility to email HTML and Excel friendly reports that are detailed and information rich. In this way, you’ll have the information you need on your home computer so that you can quickly crunch the numbers. This kind of functionality will let you keep your mileage information for your recordkeeping for years to come.

If you want to watch your deductions add up, then a mileage app is a must have item. By using a mileage app, you’ll know exactly what kind of deduction you have coming your way in the future. Thanks to the iPhone, it is possible to make tracking your mileage not only effective but also even fun.

Tracking Mileage Can Actually Be Fun

You shouldn’t let tracking your mileage be a laborious or mysterious process. Tracking your mileage should be as simple and easy as turning on your iPhone and installing the right app, pure and simple. If you are still logging and keeping track of your mileage the old fashioned way, then the real question is: “why?” Today, there are modern, flexible and dynamic methods for you to track your mileage and take all the guesswork out of the process. Your mileage shouldn’t be mysterious and with a great iPhone mileage app, it doesn’t have to be.