Smartphone mile tracker and trip log for iOS and Android Phones

What You Need in a Mileage Tracker

What Do You Need in a Mileage Tracker?

What do you really need in a mileage tracker? The whole point of having a mileage tracker is that it is an automatic and effortless way for you to keep track of your mileage. Whether you need to keep track of your miles for business, charity purposes or for medical trips to ensure that you receive the full tax deduction possible, the amazing new app MileBug has you covered.

Keeping track of your miles shouldn’t be a chore, and with MileBug you’ll never have to reach for pen and paper ever again. Are you looking to eliminate the worry of losing track of your important mileage records? Then what you need is MileBug!

Isn’t It Time for a New Way to Track Your Miles?

If you have a smartphone and you need to track your miles, then there is no replacement for a mileage tracker. But the key, of course, is to get one that works. The old way of tracking miles with pen and paper is obsolete. But thanks to smartphones and the MileBug app, you now have a streamlined and easy way to accurately log all of your miles. Or are you looking to track in kilometers? The good news is that this app can track in either format, making it convenient for people around the globe.

Tracking Your Miles Should Use Your Phone’s GPS

MileBug was designed to make all the work out of tracking your trips and getting your deductions. By using your phone’s GPS, you can track your miles with pinpoint accuracy. This means you will never look back and have to wonder what you did and where you went on a given day. But the news gets even better.

Thanks to MileBug, you can now generate mileage reports in HTML and CVS formats that import directly into Excel and Numbers. In this way, you’ll know exactly how many miles you have logged and that will make tax time a whole lot easier. You can even backup your data in case there is ever any problem with your phone. It’s even easy to send these documents directly to your accountant.

Your mileage tracker should be:

-Easy to use
-Take advantage of your smartphone’s GPS
-Generate easy to understand and use reports
-Feature data backup so you can quickly restore
-Makes tracking your miles a breeze
-Puts all your logged miles at your fingertips come tax time

MileBug Provides Ample Flexibility and Just Plain Works!

MileBug was designed to be easy to use and provide you with the greatest flexibility possible. No matter why you may need to track your miles, you’ll find that MileBug is the answer. MileBug also works with iPhone/iPad Touch, Android OS and WP8 so that no matter what device you’re using, you can always accurately and easily track all of your miles. MileBug will help you track every mile you drive. You will be sure to get your deductions done right! Finally, a good reason to look forward to tax time each year.