Smartphone mile tracker and trip log for iOS and Android Phones

Realtors and MileBug – made for each other!

It’s a wonderful thing to hear from satisfied and even excited customers. As the reviews, feedback, and web posts keep coming, it’s become apparent that many of the MileBug users out there are realtors. These ever-mobile real estate agents traveling from one house to the next are finding MileBug to be a great replacement for that little spiral notebook. GPS tracking measures the miles and for many, the tax deductions are higher by simply tracking more trips.

Here’s a recommendation from Tuesday Tactics – “Handy Tax Deduction App: Milebug” (

From the “Tuesday Tactics” website:

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  1. I do like the MileBug ap but it is not syncing my iPhone & iPad together. If I enter a trip into one it doesn’t automatically go to the other. I’m a Realtor and definitely need the service. I’d also love to be able to log in online and ad trips that way after the fact.

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