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VIDEO: “Tucker Talks Tech”…talks MileBug and Real Estate

Sometimes it’s fun to simply do a google search for MileBug and see what’s been posted out there. This time I searched YouTube, and lo and behold there was a new video posted just a month or so ago! It’s from a couple of guys who post under “Tucker Talks Tech”. Admittedly I hadn’t heard of these guys before, but I love seeing others promote MileBug.

Turns out these guys started last September and now have 10 videos on YouTube reviewing different apps and services such as Vine, Dropbox, and Open Home Pro. There’s also a real estate flavor running through these, so while I can’t find a website for these guys, I’m guessing they’re realtors or somehow in the real estate business. And since MileBug is a great tool for realtors and real estate agents (is there a difference?), then of course it was a perfect choice for their latest video review.

Check it out:

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