Smartphone mile tracker and trip log for iOS and Android Phones

MileBug 2.5 for iOS 6 and iPhone 5 is here!

With a new update, MileBug’s iPhone mileage tracker now supports iOS 6 and for those on an iPhone 5, MileBug now fills the screen: welcome MileBug 2.5. This means greater access to data and a larger map view for tracking your business miles.

Other new features include:

1) Favorite Trips now saves both Expenses and Notes

2) Origin, Destination, and Purpose lists now remember last sort option used

3) BUG FIX – Reports no longer crash with the sort options selected as Business first, and Date/Time second.

4) New classy color scheme throughout – MileBug green with black trim.

5) General polish and cleaner odometer use experience

MileBug "Add Trip" screenshot MileBug "Map View" screenshot


About the product: MileBug is the easy way to track your miles on-the-go. It is available as the iPhone mileage tracker, Android app, and Windows Phone app. It has received numerous accolades, and is quickly becoming the best in class for both iPhone and Android platforms. Reports are easily generated and can be emailed in HTML and CSV formats. If you’re not tracking your tax-deductible miles, or are still using old systems, MileBug will make your life that much better. Start getting the benefits when you drive for business, medical, or charity reasons. Download MileBug today.

  1. I started with the free version and just bought the full version. How do I import everything I have already done to the new version?

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