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MileBug 2.6 for iPhone includes new IRS 2013 Mileage Rates

The latest update to MileBug for iPhone, version 2.6, includes the new 2013 rates from the IRS for mileage reimbursement or tax deduction. The update is free and no action is required on the part of the user to put the new rates into action once the update has been downloaded. Simply log new trips and they will use the new rates!

2013 IRS Mileage Rates

To verify the new rates are, in fact, being used, simply open the Presets tab and tap on Types/Rates. From there you can tap on Business, Charity, and Medical and see the new entry for 2013 with the respective new rate. If you need a different rate, simply tap the rate for 2013 and you will be able to edit it to provide the rate you’re actually using.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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