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MileBug #1 Finance App in U.S. App Store!

It’s official! After a great surge since the New Year, MileBug is now perched upon the top of the Finance Category as the #1 Paid iOS Finance app in America! Our mile tracker app also broke into the top 400 Paid apps overall in the U.S. App Store. How cool is that?!

MileBug first flirted with the top rank in 2010 when it hit #2, and then each New Year since then breaking into the Top 5. So it was quite the amazing evening the other night when I checked the rankings and MileBug was NUMBER ONE! The next morning it slipped back to #3 for a few hours, then regained the top spot where it has stayed for the past 2 days.

Let’s CELEBRATE by telling EVERYONE about MileBug: the mile tracker app! :-)

MileBug #1 Finance App

About the product: MileBug is a product of Izatt International. It is a mileage log and expense tracker. The idea was to create a convenient product for customers to easily record their mileage expenses in order to get the most from their tax deductions. The mile tracker app is now available for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. It is quickly becoming the preferred app of its category.

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