Smartphone mile tracker and trip log for iOS and Android Phones featuring MileBug on Home Page

So very cool! MileBug mileage tracker app started the day in the first slot on the home page of It’s now in the fourth slot as more apps are added. Apparently MileBug will stay on the home page for about a day given the rate of new apps being added. Sure, a longer time would be better, but a day is great!

There is also a custom page for MileBug at that has a full description and links to all versions (iOS, Android, and Windows Phones). And this custom page will actually be around for the next YEAR. That’s right. A year.

While this would extra cool if this was all free, it’s still an honor. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) charges, too. Bet you didn’t know that. Yep, over $400/year.

You see, Great Apps contacted me (yes, of course, as do all good sales people), but GreatApps doesn’t just take any old app who’s owner is willing to pay them. Otherwise they couldn’t exactly call themselves, “Great Apps”, now could they? I actually ignored their emails and calls for a few weeks because I truly do get contacted by many, many outfits claiming to do this or that and generating so many downloads, etc. etc. But they liked our mileage tracker app, and were persistent. Finally on one call they said they wanted to feature MileBug on their homepage, and I guess my ego finally got stroked enough that I chose to listen.

I grilled him for an hour.

And, yes, I paid to be in, but I’m looking forward to everything they’re going to be doing for MileBug over the next 12 months. So check it out and pass it along!

UPDATE: We’ve since been named the #1 Finance App in the US App Store, and the #1 of Top iPhone/iPad Mileage Tracker Apps. A Great App? We think so.

About the product: MileBug is a mileage tracker app specifically designed to be convenient toe record and to generate reports. You will be able to see in real-time your tax-deductible miles at the current rates for business, medical, and charity miles. Generating reports and emailing those reports is also designed to be hassle free. The app is now available for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS. It is quickly becoming the app of choice for its industry.

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