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MileBug and MileBug LITE 3.1 released with MileBug Cloud

MileBug 3.1 and MileBug LITE 3.1 (both iOS) are now available in the App Store! This release of MileBug includes many stability fixes for theMileBug Cloud backup service (99c In-App Purchase) as well as some requested UI changes, such as the color of the navigation links at […]

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New MileBug Video (iOS) from the Daily App Show

The guys over at the Daily App Show have applied their skills and wares to bringing us a new video of the iOS version of MileBug. Check it out!

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MileBug 2.9 for iOS Now Available with new 2014 IRS Mileage Rates

To kick off the New Year, we’re excited to announce the release of our new iPhone mileage app, MileBug 2.9 for iOS! And, of course, it is a Universal App, so it can be installed on both iPhones/iTouches and on iPads. MileBug will display the proper UI […]

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MileBug 2.5 for iOS 6 and iPhone 5 is here!

With a new update, MileBug’s iPhone mileage tracker now supports iOS 6 and for those on an iPhone 5, MileBug now fills the screen: welcome MileBug 2.5. This means greater access to data and a larger map view for tracking your business miles. Other new features include: […]

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Over 550 Ratings/Reviews in first 3 weeks!

The accolades just keep rollin’ in from all you wonderful MileBug users! Today is three weeks since launching the latest version of MileBug for iPhone (iOS), version 2.1.6 and we’re up over 550 ratings/reviews with an average 4.5-star rating! THANK YOU EVERYONE! If you haven’t tried MileBug […]

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White Icon Recommended Solution

For those of you who suddenly have a white icon for MileBug on your iOS device, here is our recommend solution. I wish it were simpler, but it’s really not that bad and the whole process is outlined here. We still don’t have a complete understanding as […]

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