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AppCrawlr Names MileBug #1 of Top iPhone/iPad Mileage Tracking Apps

I checked the app rankings this morning and saw MileBug had jumped from #6 to #4 in the Finance category for iPhone apps. Since Friday’s are usually a little less than the rest of the week as people are already looking to the weekend, I thought I’d […]

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VIDEO: “Tucker Talks Tech”…talks MileBug and Real Estate

Sometimes it’s fun to simply do a google search for MileBug and see what’s been posted out there. This time I searched YouTube, and lo and behold there was a new video posted just a month or so ago! It’s from a couple of guys who post […]

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MileBug “App of the week” on “Peace of Mind Organizing” blog

MileBug was actually the “App of the week” back on 1 June 2012, but I just came across the post and thought I would share it! Janine Adams, the blogger behind the blog, uses her experience and organization skills to bring peace of mind to the unorganized. MileBug […]

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AppChasers Independent Review – “Best Mileage Tracker App: MileBug”

Yesterday posted their review of the iOS version of MileBug, calling it “the best mileage tracker app”. Whether you’re volunteering or traveling for business, being able to track you mileage is an effective way to offset your expenses. The problem I have always had though is […]

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Tax Accountant wishes his clients would use MileBug

Here’s a great new review of MileBug as posted in the App Store I just had to share: A must-have for the self-employed!!! – As a tax accountant I wish all of my clients would use this app to track their mileage so they can get it right […]

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Over 550 Ratings/Reviews in first 3 weeks!

The accolades just keep rollin’ in from all you wonderful MileBug users! Today is three weeks since launching the latest version of MileBug for iPhone (iOS), version 2.1.6 and we’re up over 550 ratings/reviews with an average 4.5-star rating! THANK YOU EVERYONE! If you haven’t tried MileBug […]

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