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Did your MileBug icon turn WHITE with latest iOS update?

Mystery upon mystery. It appears there are several users that have had their MileBug icon turn into a white box when upgrading to the latest release (2.1.6). However, this is not universal. So why some and not others?

We are gathering information from the users who are experiencing this in order to track it down and propose a solution. Please stay tuned here for more information as this progresses.

A couple of users have uninstalled/reinstalled and this solved the problem. If you choose to do this, please be sure to backup your data via the Backup tab first (INSIDE MILEBUG), and save the backup file to your computer via email or iTunes File Sharing. Then after reinstalling, you can restore from backup.

If anyone has seen this happen to other apps and has another solution, please let us know at We will continue to investigate the mystery!

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