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MileBug 2.1.3 Now Released for iPhone

Just a little maintenance release for MileBug’s iPhone mileage tracker, but it comes with a couple nice improvements:

1) For new users, it’s the Number Pad that’s first used to enter odometer readings. You can still change to the spinner/picker in the Presets tab under Settings.

2) Quick return on select. Now when you choose the business, or destination, or purpose, you’re automatically returned to the Add Trip screen. No more tapping Save to return. Just a little efficiency some users have asked for.

The more ratings and reviews, the more sales, and the more sales, the more support and new features we can provide.

As always, we encourage you to backup your data before upgrading.

We have also had reports of some apps, MileBug among them, being deleted when upgrading to iOS 5.

We encourage your feedback. We want MileBug to become the iPhone mileage tracker of choice, and we can only do that with your help.

About the product: MileBug is quickly becoming the preferred method to recording your tax-deductible miles. It allows you to track your miles on-the-go as you drive them – it doesn’t get easier than that. On top of it all, the interface is extremely easy to use, and generating and exporting a report via email is as simple as the click of a button. It is a mileage app for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. The iPhone mileage tracker is also available for iPad and iPod Touch. Whichever device you use, MileBug is for you. Start getting the most out of your business, charity, and medical miles by downloading today.

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