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MileBug is on Facebook! — Tips, Help, and Insights!

Just wanted to remind everyone that MileBug is on Facebook! —

And our following is growing! We’ve had nearly 90% more Likes in the past 6 weeks!

Help us share how you track miles, and you can be sure your friends will love you for the tax deductions you’re getting them.

If you have any questions about the app or about how to track miles, check the FAQ here at, and then check Facebook. The Facebook page will have comments, questions, and answers from other MileBug users and from MileBug Support.

See you in the socialsphere!

About the product: MileBug is quickly becoming the preferred product to track miles from your phone. It is a mile tracker app designed for tax purposes and getting the most out of your tax-deductions. The user-friendly interface allows for real-time tracking at the current rates for business, medical, and charity miles. The program also allows for ease in generating and emailing reports. MileBug is now available for Android, Windows Phone, and iOS.

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