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MileBug On Target For Growth

MileBug On Target For Growth In Salt Lake City

MileBug is one of the most dependable names in the mileage tracker industry. Because of our continual innovation and knowledge of tracking miles accurately, we have enjoyed steady growth in the last few years.

MileBug continues to improve and resonate with our U.S. customers, and keep products on target for small business owners, realtors/real estate agents, and MLMers.

With new ideas and technology, we are poised for continued growth. If you have questions about our mileage tracker, tracking miles, or tracking expenses, contact us at We hope you will depend on us for your GPS mileage tracker needs.

Remember: Track your trips, get your deduction!

Here is what some of our customers have said:

I absolutely love this app. it’s great for tracking my mileage for my business at the end of the year. This is the best app to help submit my Mileage reimbursement to my company. I love this app. – J. Chute

Keeping track of mileage is a breeze and customer service is amazing if you need help. – GingerLei


About the product: Izatt International created MileBug. It is quickly becoming the most convenient way to get the most from your tax deductible miles. These miles include the miles you travel for business, charity, and medical related purposes. MileBug mileage tracker can now be downloaded for iOS, Windows Phone, and Android. Start getting the most on your tax deductions, download it today.

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